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AFS North Shore Chapter Meetings

Sunday 13th April 2014 7-9pm
Sunnynook Community Centre
Hosted, Selected & Returnee students:
Create a part of your host country for the rest of us to visit.
Display your posters, photos, flag, interesting facts, a few common phrases.
Dress in your national costume or wear your AFS t-shirt from your country.
Bring some food unique to your country to share.
Bring a friend to share in the AFS experience.

Older Information

16th February 2014 [AGM & Welcome Picnic]
We'll begin with a picnic at 7 pm. Bring your own favourite food and drink as well as plates, glasses, cutlery, something to sit on, and a bag for your rubbish. (It will be an indoor picnic at 7pm if wet!)
Followed by our AGM at 8:00pm. We begin with our AGM, brief but essential, and we will also welcome both our new hosted students who arrived on 31 January and our recent returnees.


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